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Electrical and Lighting Small Job Quotes

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If you’re looking for trustworthy salespeople to help out with an electrical improvement, odd job, or sudden need, you’ve come to the right place. Below we’ve compiled specifics on how our lighting and electrical expertise can help you get out of a pickle or simply maintain daily peace of mind.

Residential Electrical Repair Knowledge  

Have you run into unexpected power supply issues at home? Are certain electrical components in your house not working as they should? Our staff in Shelbyville, KY, can provide small job quotes for vetted local contractors. Whether you’re experiencing issues with your breaker panel, need help installing a new home audio system correctly, or have a question about anything else, you can count on us to point you toward trustworthy, qualified professionals. Simply stop by our store or give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist. 

Appliance and Fixture Installations  

Getting a lighting fixture installed for your kitchen or in your basement can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. You may have even more questions if this electrical work requires the temporary removal or relocation of wall and ceiling material. If your home is particularly large or aged, it can be even more complex—and crucial—to properly connect the appropriate supplies. Our service recommendations aren’t limited to homes, either—ELECTRIC CITY is happy to supply your projects of an industrial, residential, or commercial nature.  

Electrical Code Upgrades  

One of the most important aspects of everyday electrical safety is verifying proper electrical code adherence. While not federally mandated, the National Electrical Code is published every three years in an effort to improve the safety and proper installation of electrical wiring systems. If you’re engaging in major remodeling efforts at your warehouse, home, or place of business, we can offer a list of contractors for expert insight on your electrical components. This helps you, your staff, and your home stay safe year-round.  

Your Preferences Take Priority 

Interested in receiving a small job quote—or any job quote—for an electrical or lighting project? Contact us via message, phone, or email, and we’ll get back to you promptly. Thank you for choosing ELECTRIC CITY SUPPLY!

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